A Poem

01 February 2014

This is a poem written by Agnes and the co-workers - inspired by the need to start the day promptly...

This morning when I arrived to the Farm,
Suddenly I was grabbed by the arm.
What? I'm late,just out of bed and managed to dress
"What time did you get up this morning?"
"Who???Me? One guess,one guess!"

The answer was not me,it was someone else
You can find out who it was - not a difficult test.
On my way to the garden I heard a cheerful cry
"You are a big banana, a mushroom pie!"
Tell me after this, who can say goodbye?

But I needed to go further in to the garden
I didn't want to be late and end up forgotten
If you ask me why I need to be on time
"Because it's important" our day starts at 9.





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