Creamery Workshop

cheese board 400In the Creamery we make a variety of dairy products with organic milk from our herd of Shorthorn cows. We are a new workshop and have recently been awarded a 5 star rating for food hygiene. We currently make a Cheddar-type cheese that we leave to mature for a minimum of 6 months. We are also trialling some soft cheeses and other interesting recipes. When the cheeses are matured and ready to eat they will be sold on our Market Stall and in our new Farmshop.

Cheese-making starts with the milk. Cows only produce milk once they have had a calf. In most dairy farming systems calves are separated from their mothers after a few days, but here we prefer to keep them together and share the milk. We milk our cows once a day, by hand, and the rest of the time they are with their calves. Happy cows, happy calves, happy milk! After a month or so they are separated at night and then eventually weaned from their mothers at around 5 months.

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