The Market Garden

market-gardenThe market garden offers real working activities in a beautiful and peaceful setting. The garden is worked using organic and biodynamic growing methods, as we work in harmony with the land and the seasons.

As part of the social enterprise activity we strive to create a mutually supportive environment where individual's activities are tailored to suit their needs and interests. So whether this is planting or harvesting, digging or weeding, there is always a variety of activity choices. Working on the land not only provides meaningful activity, but encourages self-development and growth and is really healthy! 

The market garden has a variety of different sized garden beds, where we grow many crops throughout the year. We also have two large polytunnels for more delicate plants, such as salads, tomatoes and cucumbers. We also have a propagation greenhouse for sowing and and caring for young plants.

As a productive garden some of our produce is sold at our weekly Market Stall, ensuring that we offer fresh, local produce!  







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