Co-Housing Co-Workers

sturts-gap-year-volunteerIf you are looking for a year's experience we may be the place for you!

We have one year placement opportunities from mid August 2017.

We offer one year placements, in a variety of community and social enterprise settings, life-sharing and supporting adults with learning difficulties. Co-workers especially support the Camphill Co-housing initiative which requires an interest and enthusiasm for community building. Participation in co-housing encompasses opportunities in citizenship by becoming part of various working groups responsible for the care and management of the community, including preparing and contributing to festivals. We welcome those with artistic, musical and dramatic gifts with which to contribute to our cultural life.

You will need to complete a national Care Certificate while with us and be further supported in our programmes of ‘Preparation for Life’ or ‘Reflection on Life’.

We will offer you accommodation life-sharing with our supported citizens either on our farm, or nearby in a retro-fit co-housing community in our local village. We provide a weekly pocket money allowance in addition to your living and food cost.

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