Supported Living - A Person-Centred Support and Care Service


What We Do:

Supporting people in their own homes, working to promote the uniqueness of each individual and foster self-reliance, personal responsibility, and citizenship. Allowing freedom of choice to develop individual skills and interests is a core principle.

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The Social Care Committment

We've made the social care commitment: We've made the Social Care Commitment


How We Do It:

The Supported Living at Sturts Community Trust is committed to:

  • Making each individual feel respected and involved in agreeing the support they need.
  • Giving clear information about the care and support each individual receives and how they can make changes.
  • Giving clear information in an understandable format regarding the cost of support.
  • Keeping people safe by assessing needs, planning care and making adjustments to reflect individual's needs, values and diversity.
  • Supporting healthy lifestyles by using fresh produce and choice of diet.
  • Working together with other providers to give increased choice and access to other health and social care services they may need.
  • Safeguarding people from abuse.
  • Keeping the living environment pleasing and clean.
  • Giving medication at the right time and in a safe way.
  • Creating safe and accessible surroundings that promote well-being.
  • Following safe recruitment practices.
  • Recruiting appropriately qualified staff and supplying them with development opportunities. Offering training, supervision and support they need to care for others in a warm and positive manner.
  • Develop a statement of purpose along with individuals that is reviewed annually.
  • Assessing and monitoring the quality of the service it provides.
  • Encouraging feedback and the raising of concerns which are listened to and acted on effectively.
  • Working together with and notifying statutory bodies about key events that affect the service.
  • Keeping records safe in accordance with data protection act.
  • Promoting strong leadership and management in guiding the organisation and keeping it financially secure.

CQC Registration Information:

If you require any further information about our supported living provision please contact us.

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