As a Social Enterprise, we have a real social & environmental purpose. This means that we reinvest back in to our enterprise in order to deliver more of our social & environmental purpose. By investing in your local enterprise, you are investing in your community, people & local economy.

The Farm

Raising our animals with the greatest care and consideration, in a way that respects our environment and are the core values on which our farm was founded. What started as a small farming venture has turned into a real passion to feed the community with high quality, nutritious produce.

On our land, we farm using Biodynamic/Organic methods that is certified by Demeter. Biodynamic/Organic methods seek to maximize the health and well-being of soil, animals, food and people. Biodynamic agriculture and food production that is a special type of ecological farming, with extra demands regarding animal welfare, closed nutrient cycles and ecology. Our method of regenerative farming where there is no need for the multitude of chemicals that modern farming relies on as we revert to ploughing and weeding instead. The topsoil and subsoils on our land, therefore, become more healthy, aerated and living.

Market Garden

Here at Sturts Community Trust, we work with nature to grow high quality seasonal produce throughout the year and is farmed on a rotation system where the farm is seen as one (A whole organism).

We look to grow a wide variety of organic/biodynamic fruit, vegetables, salad leaves and herbs to local pubs & restaurants and provide the local community from our farm shop. We base our menu around what is being grown from our garden as is usually harvested on the morning it arrives at the shop and on your plate in our café.

The Deli Kitchen

At the heart of the farm we pride ourselves on the highest of quality, nutritious produce that is then delivered to our Deli Kitchen, we pride ourselves in using high quality organic/biodynamic, seasonal & local ingredients where possible. We are passionate about delivery high-quality artisan from our kitchen into the farm shop deli that includes sausage rolls, pasties, pies & quiches.

From the planting to the harvesting of vegetables. From the high level of animal welfare standards to the processing of this produces into products that we can sell in our farm shop. All of our social enterprises have three main purposes;  to promote sustainability, to encourage people and give opportunities for people to create social change.

The Farm Shop

At Gullivers Farm, Shop & Kitchen, we offer you award-winning seasonal produce from our own farm, other local farms & businesses. If you’re looking for top quality, organic and local produce, there’s no place fresher than our farm shop. So, whether you’re picking up a few essentials in The Farm Shop or enjoying a leisurely lunch in The Kitchen, our passion and determination is engraved into every inch of the Gullivers experience.

We renovated the oldest building in West Moors (1789) and opened our doors welcoming our first ever customers in October 2015, and from that day onwards our mission has remained the same: to provide our customers with top quality, seasonal & local produce, whether it’s made here by us or sourced from the best local farmers, producers and growers.

Click here to visit our farm shop

Day Opportunities

At the centre of our Social Enterprise is our day service that offers an individualised program to develop skills and encourage personal development whilst focussing on the specific needs of an individual. We focus on working in teams but our intensive support team can also cater for people needing 1:1 Support.

We currently have limited spaces available but  If you are interested in joining our team and being supported in developing your skills then please contact us at [email protected] to join a growing Social Enterprise.

Check our 2021 flyer here.

Farm to Fork

A social Enterprise collaborating with a local business to showcasing the talents and organic food for the local community!